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Milfoil Treatment

May 20, 2020

We appreciate that the current concern about the lake and wanted to let people know what is in store and how you can help.

Firstly, the Milfoil is due to be treated on Wednesday of this week.  The lake does not need to close for this to occur, but you will see a motorized boat on the lake.  It is expected to take a month or two for the treatment to take full effect.  We expect the Milfoil to die, fall to the bottom of the lake and decompose. There will then be a booster treatment.

Secondly, we acknowledge the algae problem.   This algae normally resides at the bottom of the lake. While we cannot be sure of the exact cause, we suspect that the Milfoil may have provided a surface for the algae to attach to, hence the growth and prevalence at the top of the lake. If this is the case, the algae may fall to the bottom along with the dying milfoil over the next 4-8 weeks.

Our request right now is that residents do not interfere with the Milfoil or the algae by trying to remove it. The breakup of the Milfoil can result in fragmentation and may make the planned treatment less successful. We appreciate that this is unsightly and it is very tempting to want to remove it, but we want to ensure the best chances of long term success so we don’t find ourselves in this position again.

Next month, depending on the results of the initial treatment, Fiona McKay will be organizing a community lake clean-up activity. The aquatics committee would love to see as many people involved in this as possible.  Please email the LMCC at LKmarcel@frontier.com  if you would like to volunteer to help clean-up.

As for the long term health of the lake, we have several volunteers, that have put in a lot of hours. We would happily add additional committee volunteers! Please consider joining us, at our next aquatics committee meeting, June 9th.  Please contact the LMCC if you plan to join.


May 20, 2020